Monday, 26 April 2010

my life last week

i haven't wrote for a bit....well going on in my life as of lately, i've started my new project. i have chosen what i want to do but we have to pitch them later this week so if my lecturer doesn't like it then i have to change it. i hope he does! i've decided to make a 'dummy' magazine. well only 16 pages, not a full on magazine! anyway to do the 'dummy' magazine you have to find a gap in the market and make your idea different to existing magazines, obviously. my idea is to make a girly alternative fashion and music magazine. i'm into pop-punk, rock, metal, hardcore music etc... and yeah i read Kerrang and stuff, but there isn't really anything aimed at girls. i like the music that Front features but again that is obviously aimed at boys, although many girls do like to stare at the vast array of boobies - including my friend - i'm not really into that and think there should be something which mixes that music and high street, vintage, and alt fashion. i'm not saying it's all gonna be tattooed and pierced girls, i just want something a bit different to Elle and Vogue etc... Like a lot of late teens and girls in their early 20s cannot afford the mega prices of the designer brands we all lust after, but if i show stuff which can actually be bought, i think that would be pretty cool. anyway we shall see what my lecturer Dennis says. fingers crossed!

on Wednesday, me and Marcus decided to go to London and visit The London Dungeon. was so fun! i'm such a big kid, and love anything themed, rides, attractions etc... My lovely mummy had given me 2 for 1 vouchers, so we only had to pay about £10 each. bargain! i must say though, it wasn't as scary as i thought. he scariest part for me was queuing up to pay! but it was well worth the money, and the actors were really good. well they had to be to put up with the extremely rude German women who proceeded to talk throughout the actors little thing they had going on. got me angry! oh and my wonderful boyfriend decided it would be hilarious to buy the picture of us on the drop ride at the end. it is the most HIDEOUS picture you shall ever see of anyone, but you won't ever see it cause i won't let it be shown to the world. anyway, after i had to ask a million times 'do i really look like that?!' and 'am i that ugly in real life?', we found one of my most favourite restaurants, Cafe Rouge. we had a very lovely lunch, and i also got a bit drunk on one glass of white wine and cassis ha! we then ventured to Tate Modern for a bit, then wandered home, very tired indeed.

we had our event at uni last Thursday. it went well. suppose it was all down to mine and Becca's awesome pressing of the pause button in between each film. well i did do it wrong quite a few times, but oh well! it was good, but not that many people turned up :( Karen Millen was supposed to be presenting it but because of the ash cloud thing, it meant she was stuck in New York. hmmm presenting a uni event in Chatham or being in New York...i know where i'd rather be! we stayed at the after event for about half an hour or so where i bought a glass of wine, which i worked out was 10p more than 3 drinks at Casinos, bad times, then we left to let the drinking commence at my future residence in Rochester. after a bottle of wine later, we headed for Casino Rooms. a good night was had!!

over the weekend i was just working and stuff. was a bit sucky to be indoors absolutely boiling, when it was such a nice day outside. on Saturday night, Marcus eventually got given his 21st birthday present. it was an amazing brand new car!! i secretly thought it would be a car but his mum and dad were pretty good at making us think it was something else.

today i have woken, and it is lovely and sunny, so i want to go out and enjoy it!

bye xo

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