Thursday, 15 April 2010

holiday times

Hello! Well i am back off my travels. It went so quick, but i had lots of fun!! When i get back off a holiday i always get a bit down because i just want to be back so much. I adore the sunshine and laid back lifestyle so many countries have abroad. Oh i miss drinking sangria at lunch time besides the beach :( We had lots of fun just relaxing and seeing the sights. The food was amazing too, i had lots of paella and seafood yum yum. Marcus's Dad called us typically English because as soon as we landed at Gatwick, we got a Mc Donalds :/ haha. I would definitely have preferred the food in Spain though. Well back to normal everyday life of uni work and other fun things. I am struggling to get my pilot dissertation done. I am finding it extremely boring, as i'm sure many others are. I keep going back and adding to it. So far i have just over 1000 words. Only about another 2000 to go. God knows what i'm going to be like when i'm writing my actual one..arghhh. I am locking myself in my room today to try and get lots more done. Will probably end up watching The City, and getting extremely envious of Olivia and Whitney. I have only just managed to unpack. So lazy :D I bought some cute nail varnish from a little store in Sitges. I got it cause it's called - Emily! How cool! Anyway i'm just about to paint my nails with it. I don't know whether to go with the 'apricot' or 'lavender'.Hmmmm, i shall see. Here are a few of my holiday pictures.

Enjoy. xo

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