Saturday, 17 April 2010

and the award for the worst house goes to...

i am SO bored. i was so jealous of everyone out today in the sunshine, while i had to stand inside all day not even able to see out of a window. i am really excited for summer however. next week if it's still nice i have decided to go to either Whitstable and have a bbq on the beach or go have a picnic in Greenwich Park. also need to go to London Dungeon soon with my 2 for 1 tickets, thanks to mum.

i officially HATE the house i am living in. i went downstairs this morning to be greeted by a lovely mouse. ew ew ew! it's such a disgusting place, no wonder there are mice. it makes me feel sick and i don't want to stay here at all. i want to go home to a lovely clean house :( not too long though til i move out to a nice house in Rochester. i am pretty excited about it. i thought well at least i would be safe in my bedroom but no, a few months ago that's where i found one of the little culprits. so vile.
i basically cannot wait to get my own house. i'd get to decorate it how i'd want and it would be CLEAN.

i went to Hastings last night to watch Marcus's band. it was absolutely freeeezing and i'd decided to wear a dress and long socks. oh yeah getting the legs out for summer :D bad choice though for last night. anyway the gig was good but i was so tired by the time they played at midnight. i don't think we got back until about 2 in the morning. tiring times! even though there was quite a few strange people there, it was quite refreshing to see people dressing how they want. there was some odd sights yes, but everyone looked like they were having fun and not just there to parade around in the latest 'fashion fad'. everyone looked very different and was just there for the music really. i think that is nice as these days people use gigs and whatever to show off and then stand and stare and each other and bitch.

anyway, don't want to go on. oh i am really hungry but i don't want to venture into the Hellmouth and cook. i have Dr Pepper so that shall have to suffice. i was thinking about finishing off my essay tonight, but i might leave that until tomorrow.

p.s shoes haven't arrived yet. i'm excited for them to come.


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