Thursday, 25 March 2010


My sleeping pattern is so screwed. It's like 2.00 am and i still don't fell tired. Instead i am listening to Underoath, browsing Tumblr (it's so addictive and i don't know why!) and looking at fashion sites to see what i can purchase when i am finally in the possession of money again. Ohhh they say money doesn't bring happiness, but without it, life is pretty dull!

Nearly finished my current project. The joy! I really haven't enjoyed this one. Film is not for me. The next project is apparently a mini magazine one. It's only 5 weeks long cause we finish 2nd year soon! Eeeeek! I like magazine projects so i am looking forward to it. My friend said that we can do what we want really and incorporate stuff we have done in previous projects this year into a 16 page magazine supplement. I think i will do some sort of shoot, trend pages and a feature. I really enjoy writing so i think that will work well.

I am so goddamn excited for the week after next. I get to go home and spend some time with my family, then i am going to Barcelona! Well excited for it. Haven't been away in what seems like forever. I hope the weather is lovely!! Will be nice to get away from this hell hole too.

I also must go see the new Robert Pattinson film 'Remember Me'. Oh it looks amazing. My boyfriend made a point to tell me that he shall not be going with me to the cinema to see it, ha. The trailer nearly even makes me cry! Here's the trailer...LOOK LOOK LOOK! Not a vampire in sight!

Sims 3 has been consuming my life recently. Bad luck is, i can only play it at my boyfriends house because it doesn't work on my Macbook. damn. It really is so good. I even ask him to play COD, so i can go on it. I will never grow up!


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