Monday, 29 March 2010

damn you Karen Millen and your prices

i am so so excited for Wednesday! finally pay day. i am going to go shopping and get a few holiday things. i have decided not to buy too much as Barcelona is such a good shopping city so i shall save my pennies for it. the only thing i truly want want want however, is a leather jacket from Karen Millen. i'm not usually a fan of Karen Millen's stuff but all weekend at work i have been eying it up, and it is oh so wonderful. but at £299 i definitely shall not be purchasing it :( so sad. i even went to touch it and it's so soft and amazing. the woman who works in that department said why didn't i try it on but i knew it would make me want it more. and that would just be cruel to myself knowing i cannot afford it. i shall just have to stick to Primark! ha.
i was actually looking through a magazine the other day and there was lots of cute things from Primark, and obviously at very reasonable prices. i will try hunt out the good stuff.
this is the jacket itself. the image really doesn't do it justice, but trust me it is wonderful!


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