Saturday, 6 February 2010

today i had work. it was ok until the end when i had to cash up and it kept going wrong. the managers had to come and help me cause i just couldn't understand why the till was down. turned out i hadn't put the float in properly, or something like that. i am u-s-e-l-e-s-s sometimes. i hate cashing up. at lunch time i went for a wander, and came across some horrible chavs, who looked and sounded like they should be on Jeremy Kyle (no offence to anyone). they were so rude, and started talking very loudly about 'smoking weed' etc...because they were obvs V cool. they also insisted on telling the sales assistant how she should hurry up and serve them. even though loads of people were waiting in front of them. i forgot that chavs come before everyone else in life. i was about to walk out but saw that there was about 10 of them outside, looking very angry might i add, so as a wimp i decided to turn around and browse incense sticks and wooden figurines, which were the nearest things to look at without looking obvious. lol. after a couple of minutes fake browsing, i made my getaway back to work.

i am very cold right now and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's for like the millionth time this weekend. well 5th. i do love it though. i so would love to have ALL of Miss Golightly's wardrobe in this film.
i really should try to sleep now. i know i shall find it rather hard after my couple of energy drinks this eve.

goodnight xo

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