Thursday, 25 February 2010

styling day

today at uni was pretty ool. we all had to take clothes in to do a styling class. it was sooo much better than last time, cause the group was a lot lot smaller, which made it less chaotic, and we had more of the lecturers input and feedback. Kim Howells came again to help us. i really love it when she comes down as she gives a lot of her ideas and thinks of different ways to approach the project.
anyway, we grouped our clothes into darks - blacks, greys etc.. and then pale colours and brights.

me and Kayleigh then just started tying a patterned scarf around my head. we realised it looked pretty good and the patterns were relating to our designer; Belle Sauvage. Kayleigh then started tying lots of different brightly coloured scarves around my head, and created a crazy looking headpiece. i took pictures on my photobooth and phone, so check them out. on my photobooth i put on the mirror effect, which gave such an amazing look to the patterns. very much like the graphic prints of Belle Sauvage!



  1. Great pics, looks like you guys had fun!
    I went to the Belle Sauvage show at LFW, skinniest models ever. And the shoes were mental!
    Looking forward to seeing your film, you always do awesome stuff!

  2. aw thanks :)
    i'm sooo jealous! was it cool? yeah i know, we love the shoes. we are going to try copy them :D
    i'm not lovin' this project at all :(