Thursday, 18 February 2010

good times

eeee! i am really happy. i got my grades back from my creative thinking project, and i got a first! that's even better cause i really want to go into journalism and that kind of stuff after uni. so fingers crossed!
really excited for a few things coming up...i've got quite a few gigs to go to, and i've just seen some of the line-up for Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds. New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and Out of Sight so far!! eeeek, some of my favourite bands. gonna be awesome. also got my boyfriend's birthday coming up. it's his 21st, and i made his card last night on Moonpig. took me forever to choose, but i think it turned out pretty cool ;) i was going to go with a childish little pirate ship, as he proper loves ships. but i have decided on a different one instead. a lot more romantic, which i'm sure he'll love ha!
also going to see Title Fight, Polar Bear Club, Architects and A Day To Remember in March. fun times.
i can't wait for my boyfriend to get back. what a loser i am. i feel like he's been away forever. even though i have been to see him a few times, its not the same as when he's here.

i am debating whether or not to go out tonight. i really should, but then it's the whole "what to wear" scenario, and i really should be good with my money. i am terrible with it sometimes, but i have so many things to pay for soon. even though it is a very cheap night, i still could do without spending it. hmmm decisions, decisions.

oh well, off to uni again in a bit. i still don't feel recovered from the weekend.

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