Tuesday, 12 January 2010

time's a wastin'

hello...i can't believe it is the 12th january already! this year is already going so mentally fast. i haven't even fully decided on my new year's resolutions...shock horror!! think they are along the lines of - being better with money (haha doubt that will work), joining a gym and getting fit, and ummmmm living life to the full??? haha i don't knowwww! all i know is i definitely want to join a gym. i've been thinking about the Virgin gym near me, but i think i will have to go on a tour before i fully commit.

i still haven't started back at uni yet. although i do love it, i kinda like the whole not going process. very boring of me i know. i'm sure i will get back into the swing of it soon. i got my student loan yesterday and i am so tempted to go crazy and spend it all, but as one of my new year's resolutions state "being better with money" i cannot :( sad times. i am however saving up for some things such as a 21st birthday present for my boyfriend, a tattoo, and a mini holiday to Barcelona in April! eee i'm excited!

even though i am at uni this week, at the end of january we have a "reading" week. as i won't be doing much reading, i have decided to go home for that week. i only saw my mum and dad for a couple of days over Christmas, so i think it is a must! plus my mum is going to colour my hair for me! i can't wait. i am in the stripping out colour process at the moment, although i do rather like the colour it is. i am still unsure what colour i want it. i think perhaps a blondy kinda colour, but not bleach blonde and too in - your - face. i want it to look pretty :)

yes this is a Blythe doll, but she has the colour i would quite like :) i think it's really cute. i will keep posting pictures up of the process until i am finally happy. if i ever will be with my hair!

anyway, must do some work.



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