Saturday, 16 January 2010

i'm trying my hardest to get on with my uni work. it's nearly all finished but i keep getting distracted from the little bits. i've got some relentless, so i should get it done tonight! good ol' energy drinks. i love you.

i'm going home on the 25th, to spend a week with my parents, and me and my mum planned a shopping trip to York. we are going to go to Mango and use my store card - 40% off! i keep browsing the clothes on the website to see what i'm going to purchase. at work today i was in the stockroom sorting through the new collection. there's some really cute things. a lot of it is nautical, which i love oh so much! i like the sailor look. it's cute. this is my Mango shopping list...

i actually bought the leopard print fur coat the other week. i love love love it! it's so soft and cuddly. such a bargain at £49.90 as well.

best get on with some work!

bye for now


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