Thursday, 21 January 2010

the fallen

haven't really done anything fun recently. it's kinda strange still not being back at uni properly. i also have another week off next week as it's "reading week" at uni. i might actually do some though, and read the latest book by David Walliams, which i bought when i met him. it looks kinda fun.

me and my boyfriend, Marcus, went to see Avatar yesterday in 3D. it was pretty awesome but the avatar things really freaked me out. it got me thinking when i was watching it, that why on earth would anyone want to watch any films normally now, when 3D looks so cool. but Marcus said about how some films just don't need the 3D effect, only really fantasy, magical films do, which i guess is true. also, indie films like Juno would lose their whole 'cool' look if they were to be in 3D and it would go against everything they stand for. anyway, i had lots of fun. i saw the trailer for Alice in Wonderland there as well. omgggg i am so excited! gonna definitely have to see that one in 3D!

really, really excited to go see my mum and dad on Monday. it gets hard not seeing them that much, but i love going to stay for a few days, and to get looked after :) will also be nice to get away for a bit.
i'm also super excited for my Barcelona holiday in April. it will be mine and Marcus's first holiday together. just can't wait to get away and be in the sunshine! i love Barcelona, it's such a lovely city. i have only ever been there once for a day as i stopped off on a cruise, and i didn't see that much of it so it will be nice to explore it more.

i'm going to pick up my results from my last project tomorrow. i still haven't gone to get them. i suck! fingers crossed!!

bye bye xo

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