Friday, 15 January 2010

barbie i-D shoot

this is the latest shoot i have done at uni. it was for a still life shoot. i did it with my friend claire anderson. we had to pick a magazine we would "feature" it in, and we chose i-D magazine. we all had to choose a nail varnish from a bag and then think of your theme etc... from the name or colour it. we got hibiscus, so we decided to use the colour of it - pink.

at first we were pretty stuck, but we knew we wanted to create a plastic/fake looking shoot. we first thought of using dolls and a doll house, but then it eventually led onto Barbies! yay i love Barbies and pink so i was happy :)

we were kinda mean to Barbie though. i did post an image from the shoot up a couple of weeks ago so you might have seen it, but we were pretty mean. we stuck pins in her face, covered her with blood (red nail varnish of course!) and took her arms and head off in some shots...eeeek! oh well, i think it looks pretty good and i'm happy with it. handing it in on monday so i'll have to see what the tutors think.

emily xo

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