Thursday, 3 December 2009

london town

i've recently started a new project at uni. it's a journalism project which i am super excited about as it is an area i would like to look into after uni. going through the brief today was cool (although the timetable was rather confusingly set out as usual!!) i shall update with ideas later when i have researched a bit more.

anyway, for part of this project we had a field trip! to london on monday. although i really didn't want to venture out into the freezing cold at an unreasonable hour, it was worth it and i am glad i went!

after the train journey there (accompanied with hundreds of noisy school children..ew) we finally got to waterloo and met everyone else. first we went to somerset house, to the showstudio's exhibition. this was really good and a bargain at £4...with student id of course! i thought the atmosphere was cool with the eerie music. it also wasn't too busy, so we all got a good look at everything. being able to take photographs was good too. the first thing to see is a gigantic statue of naomi campbell. i liked the interactivity of being able to write on a screen which was then projected onto her. i wrote my name :) ha.

it was also cool to see the live studio, with photographers and assistants setting up lighting etc.. in one of the rooms was also a screen for "model casting". my friend amber tried out but i didn't fancy it as i hate my voice on video! after the show studio, we went for a quick lunch break at pret. i looove pret and had my favourite sandwich, but having to sit in the freezing cold to eat it kinda ruined my joy. finally we reached tate modern, for the 'pop life' exhibition. i was excited to see it but i thought £11 was a bit expensive. i had very mixed feelings on this exhibition. i didn't like the fact we couldn't take pictures, and i also found it set out rather confusing. there wasn't really a flow and i kept feeling i'd missed out rooms, which i didn't want to do with the amount i'd paid! as i love japanese culture and the whole colourful harajuku style, i found the artist takashi murakami extremely interesting. there was an awesome video of kirsten dunst in japan dancing around singing to 'turning japanese'. i loved it!

the part i wasn't too keen on was the work by jeff koons. my friend was telling me about him on the walk there, as she had studied some of his work before, which already made me slightly dubious. anyway, i wasn't a fan. i understand that a fine line can't really be drawn to say this is art and this is not. but i'm not really impressed by the whole gigantic image of a sexual act or pictures which can be found on the top shelf of your local newsagents. i would much prefer to see a beautiful historical painting, or a creatively cut garment, but each to their own!! overall it was pretty good.

after the exhibitions, we went to oxford street and bond street to look at the window displays. i was so impressed with selfridges. each window was set up like a fairytale, such as snow white or cinderella.

tiffany and ralph lauren were my favourite though. ralph lauren was so christmassy and lovely!

i'm in the christmas mood now :) sorry for the long entry!


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